Hey everyone!

I'm new! And this is the first time I've done any work on a wiki before, but this one needs a lot of help, and I think this game has a tonne of potential so I'd love to help out as much as I can. That being said, there's so much tidying up and chores that need to be done here, like all the old links to "The Magician" redirect to the wrong page, so someone needs to go through and fix them all. I haven't 100%'d the game either, but I've taken plenty of screenshots and taken note of enemy and boss behaviours, so hopefully I can contribute to those kinds of pages. 

I'm done for today though, it's late af here, so I'm heading to bed, I hope someone notices I've done all this hahaha, even if it's not really that much. I think this game could have a really cool community, there's so much up in the air to be discussed, so I'm keen to chat about it with y'all. Okay, ciao!