Droid Exlamation Point WHERE DID THIS COME FROM...
Throwing Sword
Ammo Slots 5
DMG 2 on throw, 1 on return
Obtained by The Tower (loot)
Upgrade cost N/A

The Throwing Sword is a Switch Exclusive weapon found after completing The Tower. The Throwing Sword starts with 5 ammo and cannot be upgraded. Once thrown out, it will continue to fly until it hits something, or until it flies significantly far out (It can go a little further past the visible screen). The Throwing Sword is a long-range weapon that deals 2 damage. Once it hits, it will return back to the Drifter in an arc, dealing 1 damage on the return.

The Throwing Sword is best suited for long ranges, as there is a bit of start-up lag and lag when the Drifter catches it. If players can throw the sword to hit a ranged enemy (Dirk Rifleman is perfect for this) at the back of a cluster, the return damage will be very effective against crowds.



Throwing Sword