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The Sorcerer BossIcon

Sorcerer (4)

Baker Idle

HP 50
Zone Barren Hills (South Zone)
Reward 3 Gearbits

The Sorcerer is one of the mini bosses of the Barren Hills.


Fire Orb
  • Deals 2 DMG per orb.
  • Summons 2 flaming spheres. These projectiles orbit The Sorcerer and then head towards The Drifter.
  • Orbs can knock the player around.
  • Can be deflected with the Sword Deflection sword ability.
  • Summons 4 orbs when brought down to 50% HP.
Flying Charge
  • Deals 1 DMG.
  • Raising its hand, the Sorcerer flies at a high speed towards the player.
Area Manipulation
  • Deals 1 DMG if The Drifter falls.
  • Somehow accessing a holographic screen, The Sorcerer interacts with it and causes tiles to disappear around the arena after losing 50% HP.


The first half of the fight is fairly simple, dodge or (if you can) deflect the Fire Orb, and get some damage in. At 50% HP however, you've got to be prepared to drift over the holes in the floor, and give yourself room to dodge all four orbs.(it is possible to hit the fire balls while they are circling the sorcerer)

To give yourself as much dodging space as possible, hug the edge opposite The Sorcerer. Once he's shot four times, move to the center and he'll dash at you, dodge and hopefully he'll be in a position for you to get a few hits in before he repeats. If you are near him when he begins to spawn the fireballs, switch to the shotgun or diamond shotgun and shoot him at a range that will destroy the most fireballs; the ensuing explosions can significantly damage The Sorcerer.


The Sorcerer had a previous form that was much larger and shot bullets in a fashion similar to the Diamond Shotgun. It was likely meant to be the main boss of the south originally. It is referred to as "Gunslinger" in the game's files.


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