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The Reaper BossIcon

Swordsman speech

Mark Walking

HP 35
Zone Barren Hills (South Zone)
Reward 3 Gearbits

The Reaper is a mini boss located in the Barren Hills.


Quick Swipe
  • Deals 2 DMG.
  • Chasing them, the mini boss will hop towards The Drifter and attempt to slash them with its blade quickly.
  • The Reaper will pursue the player even faster when losing an amount of HP.
Throw Scythe
  • Deals 2 DMG.
  • Reeling its scythe behind itself, the Reaper lets loose its weapon, spinning at high speed towards the Player at a long range. After reaching a certain distance, it returns to its wielder.
Spinning Scythe
  • Deals 2 DMG.
  • The Reaper orbits its scythe around itself, striking anything in its wake.


When it comes to tackling The Reaper it is best that you keep moving as his sword attack pattern almost identical to the attack style of BossIcon The Hanged Man's sword attacks while he is dashing around the room.

The best time to hit him is just after he re-catches his scythe from his boomerang attack. If he singles his scythe attack in the spinning motion around him it's best to stay far away om him at that point. If he is chasing around the room the best thing to do is stand still for one frame in front of him to trigger his swiping attack, then use a chain dash to get around him so he doesn't hit you. Be wary of the speed of his attacks, you can never stop moving.

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