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The Drifter

Drifter Portrait

Drifter Walking

Name The Drifter
Species Blue-Skinned

“ A searcher, aspiring to find a cure. ”
“ A lonely soul, in a desperate search. ”

The Drifter, also referred to as The Magician, is the main playable character in Hyper Light Drifter. He is a blue-skinned humanoid who has been infected with a strange terminal disease. The Drifter travels the World in search of a cure.

History Edit

Not much is certain about The Drifter's history, only that he is haunted by a mysterious illness that causes hemoptysis and increasingly great pain. Presumably, their goal throughout the events of Hyper Light Drifter is to quiet the disease.

Lore and Story Analysis Edit

The Drifter may be a member of an artificial species whose origin lies long ago. Drifters are not necessarily the same race. Throughout the events of the game, The Drifter has the option of collecting pieces of forgotten knowledge by way of Monoliths, all placed by Librarians. He also encounters many lost technologies.

The Crystal or Immortal Cell The Drifter seeks to destroy is or projects a malevolent entity called Judgement. Its creation led to an engulfing explosion that has left the world in tatters.

Weapons and Abilities Edit

The Drifter is a highly capable fighter, boasting a wealth of possible abilities and subsequent combinations. When used at full efficiency and factoring all upgrades into combat, an end-game Drifter can be nigh unstoppable.  

The Drifter can have two ranged weapons equipped for combat in addition to the Sword. The sword is the only melee weapon available in the game, made out of energy that emits from the handle as seen in the first cutscene.

The ranged weapons are in the form of firearms, the first being the pistol. Ranged weapons require an unknown type of ammunition that is restored from attacking enemies and destroying objects from the environment.

The Drifter has the ability to dash which is a useful ability to overcome various obstacles. The dash ability also allows for The Drifter to dodge attacks.

Abilities and upgrades can be purchased in the Central Town, which includes The Drifter's sword, their movements, firearms, Health kit capacity, and the Roly Poly that recharges over time.



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