Ammo Slots No ammo
DMG 1 (5 when charged)
Obtained by Starting Weapon
Upgrade cost See Upgrades

The Sword, made of phase shifted Hard Light (also known as Solid Light) is the main (and only) melee weapon of the game. When attempting the attack in Central Town or near some NPCs, the Drifter will just nod his head.

It is the first weapon you will have and has a basic slashing motion to hit enemies right in front of you. Players can change how their sword looks by finding the outfit sets that they come in, hidden across the map.

Swords have bonus effects as well (see also outfits). Players can also purchase upgrades for the sword, allowing the Drifter to use additional abilities. Three of these can be purchased at the Sword Master's Dojo; a fourth is available at the Dash Arena. It is also possible to increase the base slashing speed with one of the Blue outfit pieces.

After three attacks, there will be a brief cooldown period (about 0.3-0.4 seconds) where the player cannot attack. When dealing with large groups of enemies or enemies with more than 3 HP, it is important to manage this since the player is vulnerable during this time.

The sword can be used to cancel the ending animation of most guns in the game. A common strategy is to alternate using the Pistol and sword in order to maximize damage in a quick period of time.


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