The Soccer Field is a locked area at the bottom left of Central Town. It is accessible after activating the West and North pillars.

Challenge Edit

To win the game you have to score 10 goals before your opponent. If your opponent scores 10 goals before you, then the game will reset to 0-0. The barrels however will not be reset until the area is exited and entered again. The score board (in the center of the field) shows the score of each player, when either one scores a goal their respective side will gain a point.

Winning the game will lower the pillars (at the top left) allowing you to get 1 Gearbit. If the ball goes outside the fencing it will disappear and respawn in the middle.

To hit the ball any form of attack will propel the it forward. This includes all weapons, and dashing. All of the attacks have a different amount of knock back.

The opponent has the ability to knock The Drifter down if you get to close. The opponent however cannot be affected by any means of attack or knock back (i.e the explosive barrels).

Note: it is possible to hit the ball into your own goal, gaining a point for the opponent.

Collectables Edit

Opponent Behavior Edit

Soccer opponent

The soccer opponent.

The opponent will attempt to get the first hit on the ball unless you are near it. It will constantly try to hit the ball towards your goal to score. Getting the ball from it is hard because of its ability to knock The Drifter down. Dashing into the ball is the best option to get it away, for it cannot knock you down while dashing.

Strategy Edit

Strategy one, by Cable Edit

A guide by Cable to win the soccer game can be found on Hyper Light Drifter Steam Guides, here.

Strategy two, by Mercury Edit

  1. Learn Charge Attack.
  2. Ensure that both barrels at your goal are intact. It greatly simplifies game.
  3. Kick a ball, preferably with Charge Attack.
  4. Dash to your own goal and keep Charge Attack ready. Face exactly to the left.
  5. When the opponent arrives, release!
  6. If someone scores and the opponent is right near your goal, dash to the ball and attempt a quick goal.

The method is not 100% fail-proof, so 10:0 is highly unlikely, but reliable enough to get 10:7 or 10:8, even if you blow up one of your barrels.

Strategy three Edit

  1. Learn Charge Attack
  2. Stand immediately to the right of the ball
  3. Face right (towards your own goal). Start a right-facing charge attack. This will mean your sword overlaps with the ball.
  4. While charging the attack, move as close to the ball as you can get without kicking it.
  5. Release the attack. It should score a goal.

Strategy Four (No upgrades) Edit

  1. Stand immediately to the right of the ball.
  2. Walk against the ball to nudge it towards the opposing goal slowly.
  3. When it gets closer to the end field, the opponent starts moving towards you. This is the indicator to dash into the ball
  4. The ball phases through the opponent and goes into the goal

Achievements Edit


The Achievement Star Athlete is unlocked by winning the soccer game.

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