North Hall
Location Titan Vista / Mountains

Upon first entering this mysterious cave, the Drifter is greeted by ink-black darkness only illuminated by the glow of his Sprite Companion. The only other perceivable thing is a dull mechanical thudding that echoes into the unending darkness. Just beyond a wall of columns, the Drifter can barely make out a grim skeletal frame. It seems unlikely to be the only one that remains within the walls of this desolate tomb...

While the small entrance corridor is initially accessible at any point, the rest of the area is unlocked upon activating the Tower Lock of the Mountain zone. Upon doing this, the small row of square columns will recede and allow passage.



Detailed Collect

North2-1 - NorthHall

This scene is depicted using a brightness setting of 2. The default setting of 4 results in total darkness.

  • Gearbit 1: The first gearbit is found beneath a pile of bones, just north past the first grid of coffins.
  • Gearbit 2: This reclusive gearbit is found beneath a large pile of bones in a small enclosure along the wall that faces the fourth and final crushing block. The entrance to this small room is denoted by a small recess in the foliage, especially difficult to spot absentmindedly in the darkness. In fact, this gearbit is probably one of the unseen few that may prevent players from unlocking the achievement: Shine Bright.
  • Module: Simply follow the path laid out after the final crushing block to find this area's main prize.

Detailed Map

North2-1 - NorthHall

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North Hall Details

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