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Monolith Gallery
Location Mountains (North Zone)

The Monolith Gallery is found at the end of the prologue's area.

It cannot be accessed at the very beginning of the game, as before you reach this building a scripted event occurs that transports the player to Central Town. It is a secret zone, hidden in the Mountains, you can access it directly if you use the teleport tile in Central Town.

Within is a display of all of The Drifter's activated Monoliths (see page for more information.)

Challenges Edit

For activating every Monolith, the Ochre outfit becomes available.

Notes Edit

Utilizing a glitch to access the Monolith Gallery is possible by dashing and using health kits to buffer the event. Using this you can skip all cutscenes and teleport to the town, skipping picking up the map.

Gallery Edit

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