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The Home is the small building that The Guardian brings The Drifter after the tutorial.

Here, the player acquires a map of the World and learns to collect the ModuleIcon.png Modules. The player also can change their Outfits here via three terminals, each one corresponding to a part of an armor set.


  • According to developer Alex Preston, the building is an apartment. [source]
  • The mirror mounted on the wall can be broken with a sword, and the Drifter's reflection becomes distorted.
  • If you are playing in New Game+, the third terminal, which allows you to access capes, will be turned off and inaccessible.
  • In the game's files, this area is referred to as "Drifter Workshop."
  • The Guardian, when alive, has a one in four chance of showing up in the apartment. The counter resets when the player leaves Central Town. The Guardian also turns off the lights before leaving the room. [source]


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