Health Kits
Health Kits

HKIcon Health Kits are The Drifter's most common way of restoring lost health and curing wounds. They are found anywhere and everywhere, usually found in crates.

Each kit fully heals the player, taking approximately 1 second to fully heal 5 HP. By default, The Drifter can carry 3 Health Kits at any time. With the 2 upgrades, purchased from The Apothecary at their shop, the player may carry up to 5 Health Kits. This costs a total of 5 Gearbit packs, 2 for the first one then 3.

When the player tries to gather a health kit while carrying the maximum number of them, the kit will end up destroyed, or used if The Drifter has low HP.

Note: Using a Health Kit takes time, and during that time you cannot move or attack. This means that while using Health Kits you are vulnerable to any on coming attacks, running the risk of dying. If attacked while healing the healing process will stop and the Health Kit will be consumed. Instead of using immediately dash out of the range of the battle or go to a safer spot to heal.



  • Health Kits no longer recharge at warp pads.
  • Extended heal time slightly.
  • Warp pads now refill Health Kits.
  • Sped up heal several frames.
  • You now heal 2 frames faster.
  • Various Health Kits placement adjustments.
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