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Gearbits are ancient technology items hidden throughout Hyper Light Drifter's World inside Gearbit boxes.

There are 186 Gearbits total: 12 in the Central Zone, 47 in the northern Mountains, 44 in the eastern Lake, 46 in the western Crystal Forest, and 37 in the Barren Hills to the south.

Detailed maps and locations to find Gearbits are on the respective pages where each collectible appears.
Note: a guide by Cable, with a numbered list of all Gearbit locations, can be found here on Steam Community.

When 4 Gearbits are assembled, they make 1 Gearbit Pack. Gearbit Packs are exchanged to buy Upgrades and abilities in the Central Town. After collecting all Gearbits and buying all the upgrades, you will have 26 Gearbits left over. (In New Game+, you will have 98 Gearbits left over.)

Once 20 Gearbit packs are obtained without spending them, the inventory will automatically gain additional space to store more Gearbit packs.