Dirk Sprite

Dirk Idle

HP 3
Location All Sections

“ A common enemy, of average strength and intelligence. ”

Dirks are basic enemies that can be found in all areas of the map. They are around as tall as The Drifter and green with small pointy ears.


Dirks are capable of making slight dodges to avoid projectiles and make exaggerated attack motions, raising their arms above their head before lunging forward to strike. Occasionally when a group of Dirks is killed and one remains, he will run around avoiding the Drifter and sweating.


Dirks are best dealt with in groups of one or two, so try an isolate them from the group. Since they only have 3 HP, dirks can easily be eliminated with a simple three strike Sword combo. This method is is only usable either as soon as you encounter them, or directly after they try to lunge at you.

Using the Upgrade Slash Dash you can attack them dealing 2 DMG, then turn around and use a normal slash to finish them of. This method can work with groups of them. Simply use Slash Dash to hit 2 or 3 of them, then turn around, making sure all of them are within range of your sword, then attack.

Be careful however, because if you get surrounded by a group of them them and they begin to hit you, their attacks will interrupt yours and you will quickly stun-locked and unable to escape!


The achievement Dummy is unlocked by tricking a Dirk to jump off a ledge.

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