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The Bomber Toads can be found within the eastern region: the Lake.

Behavior Edit

These creatures toss fire flasks towards The Drifter which emit 5 projectiles in a wide arc when they hit the ground. Each projectile deals 1 DMG.

In regards to movement, the Bomber Toad moves almost randomly to and fro when walking about. Otherwise, it seems to prefer keeping its distance from the player, maintiaining a certain amount of space to let loose its barrage of flasks. In some situations when the Drifter navigates quite a distance away from the Bomber Toad, it may hold that long distance just out of sight. This is often noticed in very large rooms, such as the final Horde Arena.

Strategy Edit

Using the Upgrade Slash Dash is an easy way to kill these enemies. When walking up to (before its noticed) get close then use the ability to kill the Bomber Toad in one hit. I recommend being as close as you can get, for the reason of the fire flasks that it throws. Going through the enemy will allow you to effectively dodge the fire flasks projectiles.

Alternatively, if you have the Shot Deflection sword-upgrade, you can slash at the bomb just as it hits the ground and all of it's shots will be thrown back at the Bomber Toad, often resulting in a one-hit kill (and a flashy one at that).

Using a simple dash then using a gun such as the Shotgun will also allow you to kill them quickly. Using this method though makes you prone to getting hit with the fire flasks projectiles.

Alternatively, the Bomber Toad can be quickly picked off from afar using the Rifle, dealing enough damage to dispose of it in one careful shot. These enemies can usually become problematic in groups or the longer it remains alive, so taking care of them from a distance can be a wise decision.

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