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Bladebot Walking

HP 4
DMG 1~2
Location Barren Hills (South Area)

The Bladebot is an enemy exclusively found underground in the Barren Hills.


The Bladebot stays in a "sleeping" state with its arms and legs retracted into its body when idle. Upon seeing the player, the Bladebot will rise and fire off a cluster of three shots at the player. Each projectile deals 1 DMG.

The Bladebot will then follow the player, continuing to fire in the same fashion. If the player is close enough to the Bladebot, it will swipe with a retractable blade, dealing 2 DMG.


The Bladebot is a rather difficult enemy and is a threat from up close and from afar. It is recommended to land as many hits as possible on it when it's rising from its sleeping state. Alternatively, the player can fire at it from a distance.

Several Abilities and Upgrades can be useful. A Charge Attack can instantly kill multiple Bladebots, along with the upgrade Slash Dash. The ability to deflect its bullets can allow you to easily kill it without having to risk getting slashed.


Before the game's release, the Bladebot had two different versions. The first had a different appearance and the second (featured in the Preview Build) had a shield that would need to be broken to damage it. Neither could shoot projectiles.


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