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Location Beneath the Central Town

The Abyss is the final area that The Drifter visits in Hyper Light Drifter's story. It can be accessed after raising four pillars from all of the world's cardinal areas and collecting at least 4 modules from each quadrant.

This zone is very deep underground, the elevator leading from Central Town to it taking about twice as long as every other elevator. The area contains the Drifter's objective, what the Jackal has led them to, and also where Judgement, The Immortal Cell, resides. The Drifter experiences either hallucinations or visions of Judgement in various corners of the zone. There are no regular enemies in this area. The room directly before the encounter with Judgement contains five Health Kits.

This area bears a resemblance to the laboratory setting found underground in the southern Barren Hills.



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