Local CO-OP Beta Available NOW

Good news, everyone!

We just put up a NEW beta build with local co-op enabled in our “coop” channel (currently only for Windows. Mac build is in the works). This was a mode we had cut months before we shipped due to time constraints, but have since gone back to because it’s a lot of fun and felt worthwhile to take the time to complete.

This beta will run until Monday, May 2nd at 1 am EST, at which time we’ll shut down the build channel. Once we compile and implement all the feedback we’ll be back ASAP to officially release a new version of the game with co-op included!

To try it out for yourself right now:

  • Right click on Hyper Light in your Steam Library, then navigate to Properties>BETAS tab, click the drop down and select “coop”
  • You’ll need at least one controller
  • p1 can use KBM, p2 controller, or you can both use your own controllers.
  • To turn on co-op on, enter the pause menu, select “settings”, and the first option will be “Co-Op” to switch on or off.
  • You won’t earn achievements while playing in co-op.

Coop Love

We hope you have fun with this. Send any bugs or feedback to info@heart-machine.com. See you soon.


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