[OFFICIAL] 22/04/2016 - Patch Notes

BETAS patch for 4.22.16

New patch is up in the “next_update” branch, under BETAS tab for everyone to try out. We’ll put it live in the default branch once we know it’s stable.

To try it out, right click on the game in your library, click on “Properties”, navigate to the “BETAS” tab, select “next_update” from the drop down. You can always revert back if any issues arise.

  • New Achievements for Challenge Mode completion, tablets, NG+ and some fun extras
  • Fix for infini-bouncing enemies
  • Fixed Menu Cancel button not being displayed right if Heal key reconfigured
  • Fixed stamina not saving across rooms bug
  • Fixed blinking Gearbit crates
  • Added check for saving health on death for specific cases causing death loops
  • Fixed (?!) East room that was causing a perma-black screen for some users.
  • Adjusted checkpoint in south for last challenge
  • Fixed some stray scenery/sprite issues in west and south


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