[OFFICIAL] 18/04/2016 - Patch Notes

A new (small) patch is up now, plus some thoughts on difficulty and balance

"We had a lot of feedback on our recent changes over the weekend. I'd like to expand on these decisions, why they were made, and ultimately what we're trying to achieve and what we will be doing moving forward, along with patch notes.

1) I deeply appreciate all of the feedback on this, whether positive or negative. It helps to know that the community cares and is passionate.

This is, in some manner of speaking, our biggest playtest. The community has helped us find bugs we otherwise would not have (again, big game, small team, several platforms), point out problem areas and ultimately make this a better experience. So, thank you, even for the harshest of comments.

Please know that we listen, that we read, and that we react to feedback. We have been diligent in patching problems as quickly as possible. I personally answer nearly every email that comes into the support and info address, read every tweet that comes my way. I care deeply about this game, about the experience that everyone has with it. We love what we have created, and being able to share this with everyone is incredible. Further, we care even more about you, our players, so we want to maintain openness and be responsive.

2) The most recent patch from Friday has been polarizing; many have expressed concern that particular tweaks make the experience less challenging, almost too easy. After a fair amount of consideration and consultation, we agree, and thus have readjusted:

  • Health kits no longer recharge at warp pads
  • Reduced number of invincibility frames in the dash
  • Extended heal time slightly

When it comes to game play, our first priority throughout the 3 years of development has been - and remains - fairness in design while maintaining challenge.

Every decision we have made after release, for every patch, has required internal discussion, due consideration, and the collection of feedback from a wide array of players. The changes made on Friday were no different. We now have further insight from all of the posts and emails/tweets made about the nature of these changes, and how they effect the overall challenge of the game from both ends of the argument.

For the invincibility frames, we really like the options it opens up in combat, the more aggressive approach it offers to scenarios. It does make certain situations more manageable, less frustrating.

3) I realize we can't please everyone, and we don't aim to do so.

There has been suggestion of adding an "easy mode" for players. There is an ongoing and lengthy internal discussion about this. I won't rule it out as a possibility: being inclusive to more players who want to experience the world we have created seems to be a positive thing, while still maintaining the intended challenge for those who want the achievements. If it did happen, just like all of our other decisions, it's something we would implement with ample, careful consideration, particularity on its necessity and place in our game.

Just to wrap, once again, thank you for the feedback, for playing our game, and for being passionate enough to express an opinion and help us make the experience better for everyone. Know that we are still working hard, and that we have plans for potentially larger future updates we can talk about soon."


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